Which Bike Should I Get?

We specialize in building a bicycle that is custom fit to you and your riding needs.

We use pre-owned frames that have been selected by our staff for their purpose-built geometry and the integrity of their construction. We use only the best frames and components to build your bike.

Mountain Bike

Just as the name implies, these bikes are built to take you off road on real trails in the mountains or at specialized recreation centers like Catamount Outdoor Center or the Hinesburg Town Forest. Unfortunately 90% of the mountain bikes sold in the USA never see a mountain and are primarily used on the road. In our view, this is inappropriate because the ‘rider forward’ position necessary to control a mountain bike on an actual mountain is uncomfortable for road use and people end up leaving the bike in the garage.

Road Bikes

As this name implies, a road bike is used for road rides that can be for short errands or for far and fast weekend rides. While hardest to find the perfect fit, once accomplished, the road bike is the most comfortable bike to ride. So fit is important and we will have many questions for you to facilitate this process. If the fit is not right for you the bike will be uncomfortable and end up in the garage, next to that Mountain bike!

Magic Bikes (Everything Else)

These are our personal favorite bikes to build because this will be the bike that is out there in the world in every-day-use. This bike will quickly become your best friend! We like to think of this bike as connecting to you in four spots: your hands, your butt, your feet and your soul. Check out these Magic Bikes for examples of some personal favorites.

Electric Bikes

We build electric bikes with either a 250 or 500 watt motor. The Nor’easter is an all terrain bike of our own design. We can also build electric assist into any bike of your choosing either from our extensive stock of frames and bikes or a bike you bring to us. Click here for more about our electric bikes.

Kids Bikes

You have guessed it by now, these bikes are built just for kids. A kid’s bike will have tires ranging in size from 12” all the way up to 24”, of course depending on the size and skill of the rider. We do not take the fit of a kids bike lightly. Our goal is to help people become lifetime riders and the time we spend with a young customer will equal the time we spend with our adult customers.