Assistive and Adaptive Technology Services

Your assistive or adaptive devices should be maintained to extend its life and ensure safe, trouble free function.

In addition to service and repair, Tim has designed custom assistive devices to improve mobility.

The "Colin Project" was a recent bike retrofit for a Vermont student. After assessing the user and adaptive requirements, Tim designed and built the 7 speed bike shown below.

Below are some pictures from the pick-up.

May 7, 2011

Little City Cycles,

I can hardly express the gratitude for the efforts, talents, and care that Little City Cycles put into "The Colin Project". Little City Cycles may not seem like much (you can't judge a book by it's cover), but the work you do sure is changing the world for people with limited access. I am working on a date for an assembly at his school that I would like you to attend in presenting Colin with his new bike and showing the students the efforts that people have put forth that have made this possible. At last report he was up to 3rd gear during his first full day of use.

-Mark Hooper (Mom's Boyfriend)

-Cyndi McGovern (Mom)

Link below to video clips documenting the Colin Project build