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Surly Bikes is a designer and importer of bicycles, frames, parts, and accessories based in Bloomington, Minnesota, established circa 1998.

The company is well known in bicycle messenger and single-speed culture and helped establish the Single Speed World Championship (SSWC). Surly specializes in steel bicycle frames.

Distinctive components made by Surly include the Dingle cog, cranksets with separately detachable spiders, reversible chain tensioner, and the "Large Marge" an unusually wide bicycle rim.

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Karate Monkey 29er

29" wheels, as you may know, deliver greater traction than 26" wheels; they smooth out terrain more effectively, hold inertia well, and in general they fit taller riders better than 26" wheeled bikes. When it was introduced, the Karate Monkey was one of the first (the first?) production 29’ers. Not only did the Monkey put the 29" platform in front of a lot of people, it did so at a price within reach of many a bike nerd. Back then there were only about three tire options! Since then 29-inch has become a full-blown category, with entire bike companies dedicated to the platform.

Even now, however, the Karate Monkey continues to amaze people even though it’s nearly the same  as when it was introduced: our own custom 4130 CroMoly steel tubing make the frame and fork, butted  where it matters to provide a durable yet resilient ride. The seat tube is curved forward, allowing the rear wheel to tuck under, shortening the wheelbase and increasing rear wheel traction. The crank height provides plenty of ground clearance. The rear “dropouts” are horizontal rear-load style, but with a derailleur hanger. Hmmm, tricky. We offer the complete bike version of the Karate Monkey as a singlespeed but you could turn  it into a geared bike if you wanted. Or monster cross it. Fixed-gear off-road it. The Karate Monkey sticks  to trail like peanut butter to a dog’s mouth. It rides great. That’s not just us talking, that’s what we hear  from customers. You’ll see.

We have made some changes though. With the introduction of our Ogre frameset and complete bike, the Karate Monkey is no longer the only 29-inch wheeled model in our stable, so we took the opportunity to refine it a bit. First, we took off the cantilever studs. Yep, Karate Monkey is now disc brake only. And the fork, still suspension corrected for 80mm travel, has been redesigned to be more resilient and forgiving.

The Karate Monkey retains threaded barrel mounts on its stays. You can run a rear rack, but if what you really want is an expedition-type 29’er we advise the Ogre. Ogre shares the KM geometry but is designed to run fenders, discs and racks at the same time. If you want a lighter and faster 29’er that can do other stuff from time to time, the Karate Monkey is the way to go. There’s a reason the Karate Monkey is still around: Because it rips.


By now you know that Pugsley was created to go where standard “all terrain” bikes flounder. The floatation and traction afforded by large-volume, low-pressure tires can get you over and through otherwise unrideable terrain…sand, mud, wet rocks and roots, ice and many kinds of snow.

The Pugsley frame has 135mm-spaced horizontal rear-loading dropouts with a derailleur hanger. This means you can set it up with a derailleured drivetrain or an internally-geared hub. Run it with a singlespeed freewheel or a fixed cog. You have lots of drivetrain choices.

The stock fork accepts a 135mm rear mountain hub, just like the frame. This makes it easier to install and remove the wheel (a big tire on a big rim benefits from a wide opening), and it allows front and rear wheel interchangeability. This means you can have the ability to carry another full gear cluster, a singlespeed freewheel, or a fixed cog on the front wheel. And should something go wrong with your primary drivetrain, you have the option of swapping wheels and continuing on your journey or retreating to a place where you can make necessary repairs.

In addition to the frameset, we offer the Pugsley as a complete bike. It features Large Marge rims with Larry and Endomorph tires, plus a nice mix of components chosen for their durability and value.