New Bicycles

Surley bikes are cool and hot.  A few from their selection are shown below.

The Moonlander

Years ago, our Pugsley’s 3.8" Endomorph tires and 65mm-wide Large Marge rims introduced the cycling world to new riding possibilities. Our big tires, run at low pressures, get you over terrain that is difficult or impossible to ride on a ‘regular’ bike. That original Pugsley tire/rim format certainly changed the game, but there are places and conditions that beg for a larger tire footprint. So, to satisfy our cravings for increased traction action, we introduced the 82mm-wide Rolling Darryl rim. Darryl spreads out the tire more than Marge does, effectively presenting more tread to the trail and adding traction potential. Bigger can be better.

Not wanting to be limited to using the 82mm rim/3.8" tire combo (the largest recommended for the Pugsley), we decided that it was time to raise the bar and develop higher-volume tires, wider rims and a frame to accommodate them. So, this year, we offer you the Big Fat Larry 4.7" tire, the 100mm-wide Clown Shoe rim and, of course, the Moonlander frameset. Like all of our framesets, the Moonlander is made of Surly 4130 CroMoly steel. It features 135mm-spaced, 28mm-offset, rear-loading Surly horizontal dropouts (track ends) with a derailleur hanger…meaning you can set it up as a singlespeed or geared bike, derailleured or internally geared. The bottom bracket height gives you clearance for bushwhacking and monster-trucking. The dropped and gusseted top tube maximizes standover height. And the tallish headtube allows you to set your rig up with a comfortable riding position for those long days grinding out miles in the saddle.

Moonlander’s fork measures 447mm axle-to-crown...same as the Pug, so all of our fat forks are interchangeable between the two models. The disc mount allows you to use a front disc brake caliper with a 135mm O.L.D. rear hub…or with a 135mm-spaced Surly front hub. Mid-blade thru-eyelets and lower rack barrels are included for installing fenders and racks. We offer the Moonlander as a frameset and as a complete bike. The complete bike components were chosen for their durability and their suitability to the task at hand. We chose thumbshifters because they allow you to shift even when wearing mittens. To accommodate the Clown Shoe rim/Big Fat Larry tire spec, the frame design pushes the chainline even farther outboard than that of the Pugsley. So we spec’d Moonlander with our new MWOD crank system. The MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) ditches the big ring and moves the middle and granny ring outboard. The 2 x 9 drivetrain offers the gear ratios most applicable to a bike of this type while avoiding chain/tire interference. Works like a charm.

If you’ve ever wanted a little more float and traction to get you over the hills and through the woods to Grandmother’s House of Ill Repute and Freestyle Taxidermy, consider the Moonlander.

Surley Big Dummy

The Big Dummy is designed for carrying cargo. Like all our frames, it’s made of steel and it’s got lots of little touches that you’ve come to love in a Surly, like clearance for bigger tires and common component sizing.

It’s built around the Xtracycle design platform, which means that Xtracycle accessories can be added depending on what you want to carry, or you can build your own to meet whatever hauling need you have. However, being a dedicated single-piece frame instead of an add-on to an existing bike, it’s more stout and resistant to torsional flex, and this makes it resistant to fatigue and failure.

Figure on being able to carry about 200 pounds (90kg) of cargo. The load weight, and how it’s loaded, will affect the handling somewhat. Also plan on using gears, especially as cargo weight increases. This may seem obvious, but as you get comfy with it you’ll use your full range of gears as never before.

One of the funny things about the Big Dummy is that it doesn’t ride quite like you might think. Sure, it’s a little longer, but mainly it rides like a bike. It’s smooth, maneuverable, even nimble. Are you riding light and want to hit some singletrack on the way home? Do it. And if you get a call from your better half asking you to pick up some groceries, or you see a nice lamp at a garage sale, you’re all ready. Lots of people bought one to use once in a while and began using it as their everyday ride.

The frame can be built up lots of different ways to suit your needs and budget. The complete bike option has been reconfigured this year to help keep the price down while still retaining durable, quality components Surly is known for.

The Rover is all about Comfort and Stability. A great upright fit that's perfect for the bike path or cruising around town: $375.00

The Delray is a hybrid with low top tube step-thru design perfect for path, street or trail: $375.00

The Brickell tandem uses an extremely easy to ride foot forward design frame offered with your choice of 1 or 7-speed gearing.
Comfort and ease of use are the main focus for this tandem.

This bike has extremely low clearance at the top tubes which makes for exceptionally easy starting and stopping.
The stand over height is a mere 21" on the front and 18" on the rear.
Upper body positioning is also a snap with an adjustable angle stem on the front and adjustable reach on the back.
Gel grips and super soft foam saddles top it off to make this one great bike for new tandem riders.
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