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E-Bike Kits

We are retrofitting bikes with e-bike kits to create ideal commuter transportation. 

The trike below was retrofit with a 250 Watt electric hub motor in the front wheel with throttle control on the left handlebar grip.

The pro kit from Clean Republic is ideal for a commuter bike conversion. 

Ridekick bridges the gap between an electric bike and a tow-behind trailer. However, it is neither an e-bike nor a trailer. It’s actually a new category all its own. 
It takes you beyond where bikes, alone, can go.

Using a linkage system that attaches to the rear wheel axle of virtually any bike, and a simple throttle that easily hooks
onto your handlebars, the Ridekick connects you to a power boost that also carries your belongings.

And once you take a spin on a bike powered by Ridekick, you will be having so much fun, you will not want to get off